A fine day on Park Avenue


It was a fine day on Park Ave.  There was the tiniest evidence of leaves starting to change.  Notice the one fallen leaf on the left in this moment of color.



And what a pleasure to immerse in the International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show at the Park Ave Amory, a place of great beauty itself.

The show offered a great range, from antiquities to contemporary art.  I enjoyed talking with the dealers about the challenges of working with antiquities in an era of cultural repatriation and major museum thefts.  Of course, to be able to see and touch such lovelies, with no vitrine in the way, is one reason to go to a show like this.

While the slide show below has many more images, here are a few of my favorites (you can click on any of the images to enlarge them, then use your back button to return to this post).


She called my name from a long distance, and we had a good talk, squatting together in the booth.  We reminisced about being on the western shores of Mexico, and she told me a thing or two.  I’m sure you can imagine.




This is a woman who knows her own mind.  You’ve just got to admire her!


Her Peruvian girlfriends came to join us.  They were utterly charming, even if they didn’t reveal the mystery of their upraised hands.  A delightful time was had by all!









I guess I was in a sculpture kind of mood.  Look at this Europa and the Bull.  Marvelous!







And I must be learning something in my Renaissance and Baroque Women Artists class, because right away, I just knew this Virtue and this Fame were by a woman we want to know–Elisabetta Sirani.


Not the best photos due to glare, but you can still make out the elegance of the portrayals of the allegorical figures (figures that stand in for ideas) of Virtue to the left and Fame blowing her trumpet below.



Thank you, Elisabetta Sirani!







And some things just make me smile…

















…or sigh with pleasure…









Here’s more beauties from the day.  Enjoy!