Artful Strategies

Artful Strategy Sessions                                                                                                  using lessons from art history to facilitate strategic change

What are Artful Strategy Sessions?

John Singleton Copley of Paul Revere, 1768


Working with images like this one, participants jump into a new world of thinking about pressing issues

For example, what does Paul Revere teach us about branding?







Today’s Challenges for Corporations, Non-Profits, Associations,                            and Government Agencies

Changes for new markets

New leadership development

Hard-to-discuss team issues

Executive-staff relations

Staying competitive



Custom-designed sessions to meet your unique needs


Artful Strategy Sessions include:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Research and design
  • Tailored, interactive art history program for


  Strategic and Business Planning


  Creativity/Brainstorming Sessions

  Training Keynotes and Plenary Sessions

  • Facilitated Debrief


Optional full retreat/planning session facilitation



Kick-start strategic and business planning in a fresh way

Facilitation with a twist

Shake-up in-the-box thinking

Conversation starter on difficult topics

Engage the lively minds of participants to address pressing questions


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To download the Artful Strategies one-page flyer as a pdf, click the link below:

Artful Strategies pdf