Artfull Looking

Sage, Shivering Mountain

Kay Sage, Shivering Mountain, 1943

Have you ever been especially drawn to a work of art you’ve seen in a museum?  Here’s an opportunity to build on that experience, and more.  Artfull Looking is a facilitated, gallery learning adventure that combines in-depth looking and problem solving.

Art communicates powerfully with careful looking, enriched by illuminating back stories that add layers to our understanding.  Artfull Looking takes that understanding to a new level.  Here’s how it works.  Volunteers from a museum learning group choose an issue they would like insights about and then let a masterwork help reveal the answers.

Through ‘slow looking’ guided by art educator Rena Tobey, the volunteer, and then the rest of the group, digs deep into one work of art, unveiling compelling new connections.  Build a special relationship with a masterpiece.  Its meaning will always be yours to own.

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