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artful insights
Artful Insights – Reading Masterpieces of Art for Your Wellbeing

What do masterpieces of art have to say about your personal and professional life?

What guidance can you get from art for your career, your love life, and more?

Let Art Historian Rena Tobey help you answer big questions by interpreting masterpieces of art!


When Rena reads her Artful Insights cards with you, new understandings about your life choices will emerge.  You don’t need any knowledge of art or art history!

Cassatt, At the Opera



I found Artful Insights to be extreme helpful. Rena uses art so beautifully to unearth one’s personal insights and emotions. She is a smart guide through the process of finding solutions to problems and acceptance of issues. Not only was it wonderfully effective, it was also so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again!
Ellen Le





Rena combines her wealth of knowledge and passion for art history, with her Artful Insights cards, to give you a unique intuitive reading.  Each card portrays a masterpiece of art, but you do not have to have any knowledge of art to benefit from Rena’s approach.  She guides you through the process of interpreting each card’s meaning as it relates to you, your life and your questions.  As soon as I saw the first two cards, I knew that this reading would be accurate for me.  Out of 138 cards in the deck, the first two cards I drew showed scenes that clearly correlated with the detailed question I asked.  These masterpieces of art portrayed specific locations that held special meanings for me, that no one other than me would have known.  Rena’s reading was extremely accurate and helpful.  I left with definite answers and a sense of the direction I should go.  The reading was not only enlightening, but fun!  
Margaret Taylor


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Claude Joseph Vernet. The Shipwreck. 1772. National Gallery of Art.

Artful Insights: Reading Masterpieces of Art for Your Wellbeing
Join Rena Tobey, art historian, for a deep exploration of art as a tool to address life questions. Bring your journal, something to write with, and any personal issues you want to consider further. Rena will facilitate a slow-looking approach to a few masterworks, then layer in information such as the meaning of symbols, the cultural and historical context, and the background of the artist. Through personal reflection, small group sharing, and overall sense-making, we will also take on some of the larger issues we collectively face. Be prepared to dig deep and share through co-created community time. Discover how art can connect you to infinite possibility, and leave with strategies for dealing with life challenges, with art as part of the answering experience.

We were so deeply nourished by your visit ! I will be forever grateful to you for setting
our table with such a luscious feast. You are a gift to the world.
Rev. Carolyn Swift Jones
Unity in the Foothills

I loved your Artful Insights Workshop and I could tell the group was also very intrigued just by their intensity and focus.  It was a joy to behold.  Seeing the art, the group response and then some background that you were able to offer brought the art to life in a way it wouldn’t have otherwise.  Thank you so much for an enjoyable evening.
                                                                                   Pat Peabody, The Connecticut Guild

About Rena

friedrich-wandererSince 1994, Rena Tobey has been studying and reading tarot and other oracle cards, as well as practicing energy work.  As an art historian, she recognizes how much art serves as a source of inspiration, meditation, insights, and healing.  For the past 8 years, she has worked with art museum visitors, students, and participants in her talks and programs to benefit from these built-in qualities.

Rena has now created her own deck, Artful Insights, made up of 138 masterworks of art.  In a reading with Rena, you pose questions about your life path, career, relationships, and well-being.  Then let the art guide you.  Rena will help you draw insights based on her experience and close listening with you.  No knowledge of art or art history is needed.


This article demonstrates how these images and more can be used in a reading.


In honor of a major milestone birthday, I received an Artful Insights reading from Rena. Her knowledge of art, combined with her Life Coach talent and overall kind and insightful nature, made for a reading unlike any other. I was guided through history and my own present experience. Afterwards, I not only learned about new works of art, I learned about Myself. I was inspired, calmed and hopeful. I loved it and have hung my “painting” over my desk to remind me of the wisdom gleaned. I have already shared Artful Insights with several friends, and look forward to more readings for my own continued growth!
                                                                                                                Robin Glickstein


Readings in person and on Google Hangouts.  Rena is available for readings at your party, corporate events, and retreats, too!

Contact Rena Tobey today to learn more.


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