Collaged Townscape

Jane Fisher, Director, is a visionary leader for the Wallingford Public Library, and today, she gave me a tour of the marvelous new community technology lab there and a glimpse into the future of public libraries.

Witness the community art project conducted by over 100 Wallingford residents from January through April this year.  Dedication, creativity, inspiration, and town-celebration all rolled into one.

The Wallingford Townscape is a 4′ x 10’4″ photo-collage created with the leadership of artist Rashmi Talpade.  Rashmi is from India and has sold her work internationally.  She immigrated to Connecticut in 1991 and has gotten deeply involved with community arts and museums around the state.

Rashmi Talpade. The God Next Door. Photo Collage.


In Wallingford, she worked with residents to collage over 1000 photographs of the town.  See if you can make out historic images, as well as contemporary scenes.

Wallingford Townscape detail

Wallingford Townscape detail

The four panels create an ‘imaginary’ yet realistic landscape that tells so many stories when looking up close and coheres into something universal at a distance.  It’s magical.

Rashmi Talpade with the collage waiting to be hung at the library

What a great idea to do in your community…

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