Corn Maze

Everyone is trying very hard this weekend to make it seem like autumn, despite the warm temperatures.  Apple festivals, hayrides, pumpkin ice cream, and corn mazes are everywhere.


I went to the Nathan Hale Homestead for their corn maze.  Since a wedding had just ended, I had the whole maze to myself.


Except for Butterscotch, of course.


There’s still some corn left to be plucked.


The corn definitely grows as high as an elephant’s eye, way over my head.


And it makes its own music, like a rainforest, as you can hear in this video.

All is quiet enough to be surprised by a spook around the corner…


…and mourn the loss of some silly spirits.









No doubt, this place would be scary at night, but would it be scarier than this ear of corn?


What any of this has to do with our young patriot who wished he more than one life to give to his country, I’m not sure.  But today was not about questions and finding answers.  It was about getting lost in the corn.


3 thoughts on “Corn Maze

  1. Of course your pictures are great and how wonderful to actually “hear” the corn maze. I especially loved the shadows on the ground. Glad you didn’t get lost. Yes, those two signs were…weird? or something; certainly out of place there. And that open husk was disgusting — perfect for halloween.

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