Elizabeth Okie Paxton

Elizabeth Okie Paxton 1877-1971

Elizabeth Okie Paxton

Since you’ve been so supportive of my research on American women artists and thesis on Elizabeth Okie Paxton, I wanted to let you know an article on Paxton has been published in Art Times.

Here’s a link to the site, and the online version of the article is at the upper left corner.


You’ll see this picture of Paxton.  Enjoy, and spread the word!  The world needs to know about her work!

One thought on “Elizabeth Okie Paxton

  1. Rena, Mu overwhelming email backup hid this informative article by you.
    You certainly have the historian skills to evaluate and question this woman’s art and
    life. I missed the name of her husband. so many women I know or have known who married artists soon subjugated their creativity to that of their husbands. I hope yo do not mind that I posted it on facebook.

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