Everywhere you look

Hard to believe at this age and stage of life I’m studying for final exams, but so it goes.  For the delightful Renaissance and Baroque Women Artists course I’ve taken, we have to memorize stats about images.  Really?

So in a quest to get to know a little known artist better, I ventured up to the Hispanic Society Museum today.  This clearly is one of most out of the way museums in Manhattan, but a great place to just relate to the art, with no crowds or interference.  Housed in a glorious Beaux Arts building, all the masters are there–Goya, Velazquez, Murillo, plus.

Sorolla, Vision of Spain, 1911-9

Then there’s the wonderful Spanish painter Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida I didn’t know before coming to this museum a few months ago.  I was happy to revisit the amazing, overwhelming, color saturated murals painted from 1911-9 celebrating the diverse customs of Spain.



Sorolla, Sea Idyll, 1908


And there’s his simply breathtaking paintings upstairs, four in a row.

Check out more of the images in the slideshow below.




But the artist I traveled to see was Louisa Roldán.  Just yesterday, one of her sculptures was taken down.  Boo.  I did get to really study The Ecstasy of Saint Mary Magdalene, c1690.  Everywhere you look, you see some wonderful detail–a squirrel poking out of foliage, a curled snake.  See what you can find!

Ecstasy of Mary Magdalene