Frozen Hot Chocolate

I love being a tourist in my own town, and today, my friend Helen put up with my crazy insistence to go to Serendipity.  Here it is one of the coldest days of the year, and we have the frozen hot chocolate (not hot hot chocolate) at Serendipity.

Helen with frozen hot chocolate

Well, wouldn’t you?

This is a trademark of Serendipity’s, combining 18 different kinds of chocolate.  Kind of like a really fancy chocolate milk shake.

We chose the peanut butter frozen hot chocolate to go along with our veggie burgers (and fried parsnips).  Talk about combining the ridiculous with the sublime!


Serendipity interior 3

Serendipity is pretty high on the fun factor.  The ceiling has objects, like giant keys and regular sized chairs, and people, in the form of dummies, dangling overhead.  Very much reminded us of the Maurizio Cattelan exhibit at the Guggenheim, without the ghoulishness.

At the front door are tchochtke cases that are pretty good.  My house used to look like these cases, before the NYC austerity era.  So I get a special kick out of anyone who lets their inner tchochtke out.

Serendipity display case 1


Check out more images of this festive place in the slideshow below and when you feel like indulging, you’ll have to go for a sundae at Serendipity.  That was too much for Helen and me today, but who knows…someday…

Oh my!