Herb & Dorothy 50×50

When I led tours at the Delaware Art Museum as a docent, we received a gift of 50 conceptual and minimalist works collected by Herb and Dorothy Vogel.  A beautiful documentary about Herb and Dorothy told the story of how a postal worker and Brooklyn public librarian were able to amass a world famous art collection.  If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you rush to it.  So inspiring!

Poster 50X50




Now a follow up documentary is being released.  It looks at the gift the Vogels made to each of the 50 states.  50 Works for 50 states.  One museum in each state got the gift.  In this trailer for the new film, you’ll hear my voice about 22 seconds in and then see a glimpse of my public tour they filmed.  Apparently, more is in the film.

I hope you’ll catch a screening–opening at New York’s IFC Center on September 13 and Real Art Ways in Hartford on October 4!  I can hardly wait.

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