iPhone Photography

The Creative Arts Workshop offered a class today on iPhone photography.  I loved playing around with filters on an app called Snapseed, getting fun distortions as seen in this slide show.  By the way, the images are based on a display of pastries at the Farmer’s Market at Wooster Square.

But my heart is in what’s called Straight Photography–as we see it, on the streets, in the market, wherever.  You can check out the images from today’s exploration on this page.  Here are a few highlights from the walk to the farmer’s market at Wooster Square and at the market itself.  Enjoy!

NH Streets 6








Farmer's Market 12






NH Streets 2









Farmers Market 2









Farmer's Market 22









Farmer's Market 8









Farmer's Market 21








Farmers Market 5







Farmer's Market 26







NH Streets 9

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    • Thanks, Julianne. I love having the camera with me all the time, which makes the opportunity to grab a moment possible.

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