Lightning Strikes

The Jewish Museum just opened its Jack Goldstein exhibit, and when I went today, I was the only person (yes, really), the only person there.  Now, I’m not going to tell you to rush out and see it, given all the other big exhibits right now.  Maybe Punk at the Met is more your style.

But if you do go, you may want to linger at his videos, which as part of the “Pictures Generation,” are what put him on the map.

Goldstein - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Frankly, wall text like this below had me pretty puzzled.

2013-05-10 14.12.48

You can double click on this photo to get a larger image.  And I’d appreciate it if you’d explain it to me.

What I really liked were his enormous paintings.  Check these out.

Jack Goldstein, Untitled, 1981
Goldstein - Untitled
Jack Goldstein, Untitled, 1983

This one and the lightning painting below remind me of photographs of Walter de Maria’s lightning fields.  Don’t you think?

The Goldstein Painting
Walter de Maria, photograph of the Lightning Field

The Goldstein paintings are starkly beautiful.  Maybe you’d like to go out to New Mexico and see the real thing.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?