Rena’s Fiction

All writing copyright Rena Tobey.

March, 2008: “Circus” won First Prize in the A Picture Worth 500 Words contest with Tattoo Highway 16: a journal of prose, poetry, and art.  TH/16 created awesome art for the story.  If you’d like to read a cleaner version of the story, go to the next cite and click on that link.

April, 2008: “‘Circus’ has been selected as our contest winner for Periphery.Online’s 2008 Flash Fiction and Prose Poetry contest!  Just the right amount of whimsy, just the right amount of Magic Realism. I really enjoyed your story and caught myself laughing at the end every time I read it. Nice work.”

April, 2008: “Roger’s Ghost.”  “Your story, “Roger’s Ghost” made it past the initial screening for the Writer Advice Flash Prose Contest.”  Well, that’s as far as the story made it, but I do love it and have a treatment for a novel-length version.

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