Palette Trees

The Florence Griswold Museum is known for its painted panels on the doors and walls of ‘Miss Florence’s’ boarding house.  Those artists left their mark in perpetuity.

Each holiday season, the museum also grows another tradition.  New artists participate each year.  Each paints an artist palette to be hung on the holiday tree.  Now over 150 palettes hang on not one, but two trees.

Just like the painted panels, each tells a little story–about the artist, about art, about celebrations of paint.  So fresh and fun.  In case you missed it, here’s a few pictures to give you a sense.

2014-12-27 12.19.452014-12-27 12.19.59








2014-12-27 12.20.092014-12-27 12.20.24








May 2015 be full of color and creativity for you!

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