Playtime with Mozart

Mark Morris‘ choreography is synonymous with joy.  That’s really heightened in his Mozart trio, the closing event for this year’s Mostly Mozart festival at Lincoln Center.
Morris cherry picks movements from three sonatas, each led by the piano and played with gusto and evident delight by Garrick Ohlsson.
What Morris does so well is capture the charm, rhythm, and wit of Mozart with themes and variations in the dancer’s movements.  Their movement makes the music ever fresher.
They feed each other so that we get delight to all the senses.  Even kinesthetic.  With Morris’ work, I feel it in my body.  He’s one of the few choreographers that makes me imagine I could still dance.
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Mozart wanted his music to be hummable, singable.  Tonight, it worked.  I left humming and singing that final refrain, leaping and gliding in my mind.  Playtime!

Here’s your taste:

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  1. I adore MM and haven’t seen him in ages. Actually met him at Jacobs Pillow years ago. (H’es a bit weird.) Lucky you to have seen this. Great descriptions.

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