Midtown Manhattan, Lincoln Center–the architecture could be called “populux,” combining popular taste with luxury.  Here are some sights from the walking tour today on 52nd and 53rd Streets and its populux.

2013-05-05 14.12.22

Architecture and light!










2013-05-05 14.21.44

Huge Roy Lichtenstein painting at Equitable Building







2013-05-05 14.32.27

Interesting play of light and architectural forms on Sol Lewitt art in Equitable courtyard







2013-05-05 15.03.00

Jim Dine, Venus de Milo








2013-05-05 15.15.56

A former speakeasy, now the 21 Club with its row of welcoming jockeys…well, welcoming if you’re very rich







2013-05-05 15.51.23

I so rarely look up and the skyline from the street is so interesting