Roasted Fava Beans

Finally, I made it to Kalustyan’s for an early morning visit.  This is the kind of place that makes New York New York.  International, local, expensive, narrow aisles crowded with stuff you see everywhere and stuff you see nowhere else. 

It has the requisite Mediterranean sweets, sometimes with a twist,  spinach pies and homemade, seeded zaatar bread.  Hello breakfast!

I imagine I’ll love those cumin wafers and mini papadam when I’m out and about with not time for a meal.

They have all kinds of spices you know and never heard of, in huge quantities, a nice selection of honey and grains.  And I bought an Indian soap with several essential oils and rose water that I plan to make into a room freshener.

But what really caught my heart are the roasted, salted fava beans.  Oh my!