Run away to…

This may be the cutest packaging ever to emerge from a store.


I felt like I was running away from home with my tomato vine stick and cloth-wrapped, clothes-pin secured bundle.  What did it hold–my new vest, with the front made of men’s ties.  Well, you just have to see it.  It’s really clever and dashing.

As is so much of what Todd (a woman) carries at Fashionista.

A long two blocks from home, I actually went in looking for funky glasses.  But what fun trying on remnants of costumes from the Broadway show Fela! and vintage silk wrappers and a man’s smoking jacket.  I came back to 2013 and my middle-aged body to invest in that vest.  I’ll be the best-dressed runaway hitting the rails (to New York).

For the well-dressed runaway

For the well-dressed runaway

2 thoughts on “Run away to…

  1. Yes, that is the cutest packaging ever!

    And I love the tie vest. Can we see a picture of you wearing it? Please???

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