Say cheese!

Today, I finally made it to Murray’s Cheese.  I plucked number 30 from the dispenser, but had plenty to entertain me while waiting.

“Manga, manga!” cried a ‘cheese monger’ as he slivered parmegiano and suggested trying it with vinegar.  Okay!

I got snagged into tasting the Churned Seashore Honey from Canada.  Yep.  Bought that.  Mushroom truffle pesto?  Got that, too.

My basket was half full, by the time Eric called my number.  2013-03-02 14.44.45


Good thing he was there to help me interpret the 25 feet of cheese rounds, triangles, and 2013-03-02 14.44.54squares.





By the time we were done, I had gotten the Challerhocker I had gone in for, yum, and the Etivaz.  I learned the difference between sweet and savory blue cheese, by tasting, of course.  What did I get?  The blue cheese that tastes like chocolate.  Trust me…

2013-03-02 15.59.15



The cheese that wins the award for the prettiest is the local Hudson Flower, with flowers and elderberries, and I don’t remember what else, worked into the rind.  It may not look so pretty to you here, but it does taste pretty.





Murray’s is an adventure worth making.  I was ready for a treat, and Murray’s can definitely provide!