Snow, Snow, Snowbama

New Haven is an artist-haven in many ways.  Gallery openings happen frequently, on any day of the week.  My artist friend Suzan and I are going to one later today.




Art appears in unusual venues, like Felice Varinii’s Square and Four Circles.  It’s not only on the side of a parking garage, but also on two unrelated buildings.  You have to stand just here to see the whole.



So perhaps it’s no surprise that an artist would find inspiration in that abundant, free material–snow.  Known for his dinosaur “Snow-asaurus” from last year, David Sepulveda decided to make a big snow man this year.  Here is Snowbama:

David Sepulveda Photo

In progress, before paint was added.

Gina LaRoche Photo

Apparently, this 7 foot portrait of Obama has been stopping traffic.  We’ll be checking it out for ourselves later today…