The Big E

Less than an hour from my house is the largest fair in New England, The Big E.  It has all your fair stuff–fried foods, rides, the circus, farm animals, and products made locally, with a building dedicated to each state.
2015-09-20 11.47.40
I loved watching the butter carving, the judging of gorgeous cows, and the elegant girl-jumper competition.
2015-09-20 11.46.21
2015-09-20 11.45.24
2015-09-20 09.44.16
I bought myself an old milk bottle from a dairy in the town where I teach.  See it?  Butler’s…
2015-09-20 10.11.26

Those cheese curds hit the spot, as did the fresh lemonade with no sugar.

What would any New England site be without a historic home?  At the fair, I toured the 1790s farm house, large and comfortable, occupied by the farmer’s family being industrious.

My favorite moment of all was the pig races–separate for males (Kevin Bacon among the contestants) and females (J Lo Pigs was running), little pigs and big,  it was hilarious fun, as you may be able to tell from these videos.

And for the political-spinning pigs…

All for the winning prize of an Oreo cookie at the finish line.  If only all of life’s trials had such a sweet reward.


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