The Historian

The Historian (2014) PosterIt’s not often than academic politics are the subject of a movie, and I’m not sure “The Historian” entirely succeeds.  Still, here’s a film with a top drawer cast and an eery-thriller cadence, that was written, directed by, and stars a Latin professor at the University of Southern Mississippi.  So there’s certainly an air of truth, as well as clear self-congratulations.

If learning, knowledge, and wisdom, plus where these fit into the ‘real’ world, intrigue you, I bet this film will, too.  If you watch it, let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “The Historian

  1. Thanks, Rena.
    I am way be behind in commenting.
    I-pad still refuses to let me respond. I will write a long comment and then it is lost in the ether. Sorry. i seldom get on here at night when my husband is home. Hope your eyes are doing better. j

  2. Thanks, Rena. I will note this and try to see it sometime. We do not watch films very often. Right now are deep into the Great Courses Series of Everyday Life in the Ancient World.
    Very informative but we do go to bed early since ed get u[ to go to school in the morning.

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