Time on the River

I highly recommend this experience, so want to give you a heads up.  Last year, I went on the river cruise on the Connecticut River to see the incredible swallow migratory patterns that happen at sunset.  You may remember one of my pictures that is now being used in the promotional materials.

How fun is that?  Not as much fun as going on the cruise yourself.  So here’s the information, in case you can make it.


Boats are available on two dates only. Sunday, September 13 and 20 4:30pm-8:00pm


On the Connecticut River, witness one of the most spectacular avian happenings with the Tree Swallow concentrations that can be found each year. During fall migration, thousands of swallows congregate on the lower Connecticut River and at sunset settle in on a giant communal roost. Birds come from as far away as 25 miles and converge at dusk, often creating a ballet of synchronized flight before settling down to roost.

Join Connecticut Audubon Society naturalists aboard Essex Steam Train and Riverboat’s Becky Thatcher as we journey first by train and then by boat to see the spectacular, awe-inspiring display. Enjoy picturesque scenery on the train ride to the 70-foot Mississippi-style river boat. Food and a full bar are available onboard including ample seating, three decks, and restrooms. Tours are approximately three and a half hours in length. Fee: $40. Eight years and over, please.


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