Usonian houses in Westchester

It’s been over a week since I joined the Usonian tour in Westchester County, led by Justin Ferrate, an amazingly knowledgeable, resourceful, and personable guide.

Going into the two houses, plus walking the neighborhood, lingers as a highlight of my New York touring adventures.

Roland Reisley’s home.

He is an original owner who worked directly with Frank Lloyd Wright to build his home.  Roland told me that Wright was easy to work with and even raised the ceilings 3 inches to accommodate Roland’s height.  Roland was in his 20s when he worked with Wright, who was in his 80s.  Talking with Roland today, now age 86, means connecting to over 150 years of American history.

More about Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian houses in Westchester County, NY.

The neighborhood is a cooperative, and just like a New York City coop, prospective residents have to make an application.  Check out this application page Justin gave us:

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