Weird and wonderful flavors

Chelsea Market

After a long meeting this afternoon, I treated myself to a visit to Chelsea Market.  I like it better than Eataly, even though it’s clearly another place targeted to tourists and is not practical for any kind of regular shopping.

The building was formerly a National Biscuit factory, where the Oreo was first produced.  So it has a long history of providing gastronomical pleasure!

I worked my way from the 15th Street side all the way to the 16th Street exit, noshing along the way.  Oh, and I bought a few things, too.

If you go, don’t miss the cheese vendor.  She has a good selection of local cheeses and types I wasn’t familiar with.  I dare you to turn down her tastes.

Oils, Vinegars


And of course, I’m a sucker for the flavored olive oil and balsamic vinegar store.  What’s different about this one?  I bought the butternut squash oil.  It is so beyond delicious, and I look forward to trying it on salads, pasta, and vegetables.



That same vendor also has very weird flavors of salt.  Bacon salt?  Green tea salt?

They’re all there to sample…be forewarned, these are very salty salts.  I mean salt can be salty or it can be like these–really, really salty.


Doughnuttery spices


Very high on the fun factor is Doughnuttery, which recently got a good review in the New York Times,.  Little bitty, mini donuts are being cooked continually.

You order a specialty sugar, like Cheeky Peach (peach, raspberry and rose petals), Urban Monkey (green coffee, banana, coconut), PBCP (peanut butter, cayenne, pretzel), Mistletoe (gingerbread, cranberry, sage), and more.

Three of the hot mini’s are put in a bag with the sugar and spices, shaken, and you are ready to indulge.  Oh, did I mention, there’s no transfat in the oil.  So you don’t have to feel a bit guilty.

Now I’m off to eat dinner–some cheese with rosemary sourdough, a salad with butternut squash dressing, and some doughnuttery.  Wish you were here, too.