Buddha’s Hand

This time of year makes me think about abundance and want.  Thanksgiving, to be thankful for bounty.  Today, the Boy Scout’s collected canned and packaged goods for the local food bank.  Creative Arts Workshop had their annual Bowl-a-thon, where they sell hand made bowls made by students and faculty, filled with homemade soup, proceeds going to the Community Soup Kitchen.

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Here are the bowls I bought, both by the same artist.



















2014-11-23 16.23.27


Then there was the line around the corner at the Apple Store, waiting for the new iPhone 6, a month after its introduction.  And me at Whole Foods, spending needlessly on a Buddha’s Hand at a wasteful $3.99 per pound–the excess of a fruit I won’t eat, but does fill the room with a divine lemon scent.

So I acknowledge the contradictions in me.  I spend $10 on a temporary decoration  and deliver meals-on-wheels on Thanksgiving.  For someone who doesn’t eat turkey, chaffeuring hot meals will no doubt fill the car with smells I won’t love.  Maybe I’ll put the Buddha’s Hand in the car, too.  A good metaphor to remind me of what’s really important.

Hope your Thanksgiving is full of gratitude, good smells, and Buddha’s Hand, in all its forms.


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  1. So behind. Just read this. Lovely message. I have always been a pottery junkie. top of bookcase loaded with it. when I taught art I always took my classes to “support your local potter”. It is the least expensive form of artistic beauty you can surround your self with at home. That was a very nice Thanksgiving message. You can see I am behind in my holiday greetings. Happy 2015 anyway.

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