Friday of the Gods and Goddesses

This day was hand-delivered by the gods and goddesses for all mortals to take a breath and savor.  Around the periphery of Madison Square Park, food vendors were thronged by appetites warmed by the sun.  I found a salted caramel truffle from Nunu Chocolates in Brooklyn inviting.

Then I followed the crowd into the small park, where children swung up high on swings and people stood in line at Shake Shack and many, many more people lounged in the grass, enjoying the contrast of a first warm day in the cool blades in the shade.

Orly Genger Red, Yellow, and Blue

Orly Genger
Red, Yellow, and Blue
in a shady spot in
Madison Square Park



They didn’t seem to notice Orly Genger’s Red, Yellow, and Blue with its “1.4 million feet of undulating, layered nautical rope covered in over 3.500 gallons of paint” except as something to sit on or lean against.




Maybe that’s what art in the park is all about, but I do miss Echo by James Plesna from two summers ago, my earliest introduction to the deep pleasures of public art in New York.

James Plesna