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JulianneWell, here’s another fun show to add to your fall exhibition schedule!  Julianne Biehl, dear artist friend of my mother and me, has a print in the tasty new show at the Newport Art Museum: Palate to Plate: Prints & Recipes From Members of The Boston Printmakers.

So what’s a Dallas/Colorado artist doing in a Boston print show in Newport, RI?  Well, the Boston Printmakers is an international group, and the 99 high-calibre artists in the Newport show are from all over.




What brings them together is this theme of food and printmaking, or prints of food accompanying their recipes, collected in this charming cookbook/catalogue.

In this era of 3D printing, where the printer can make a plastic car or a gun that shoots, there’s something refreshing about an exhibit of ideas on paper.  But no worries, there’s lots of variety in the visual interpretations.  Each print is its own surprise, its own story.  Julianne’s is quite typical of her painterly style and passion for color.  Here’s my not-so-great image of her page in the catalogue.

Recipe and Image in Book Vegetable soup is Julianne’s favorite soup.  Some kind of hot, wowza!

To read her recipe, click to enlarge the image.



Julianne’s and my mother’s paintings talk color together with great verve.  Here’s the painting “Joyous Song” by Julianne that I get to enjoy.

So if you’re heading to Newport for a day of beauty, make sure to catch the scrumptious exhibit.  Although you do take the risk of leaving very hungry!

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  1. Why thank you, Rena. I will send this along to my family. so glad you were able to go.
    Rose would have loved it too. We will be in NYC arriving Oct 14 and leaving Oct 20. Not too long but if you ware going to be in the city that week let us know.We stay at the Beacon Hotel at 75th and Broadway. Will have to se our city daughters some evening probably over weekend.We have tickets to open rehearsal of PHilharmonic on Thurs morn but so far only ticket. We hang out a lot at the Met Museum and NY Historical society. Let me know if you are coming into the city. We could break bread together, would be fun to see you. (My husband is still teaching! but someone is covering his classes that week.

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