Rose Tobey Late Career

As her career progressed, Tobey worked in diverse media:

  • sculptures of assembled pieces, including furniture fashioned into art, that Tobey dubbed “Baglady Art”
  • mixed media wall art made of collected objects, photos, and memorabilia
  • photographic montages resembling mosaics, interesting for the patterns and design but artistically notable because of her sensitive combination of images
  • handmade and molded paper pieces, rich in color and texture
  • prints, particularly collagraphs


Baglady Art                                                                                                       Constructions and Assemblages

In 1987, the Baglady emerged from a shell in the sea, much as Botticelli’s Venus.  Thus began the saga of Baglady Art.

View of the Tobey studio

View of the Tobey studio

On any given day, the Baglady may be seen driving her truck or van, dressed in her paint-stained clothes.  She will be looking for reusable junk and/or discarded items that can become part of an art object.

The scene of attack usually occurs at garage sales, flea markets, and any dump or back alley.  These excursions take on the vision of finding the golden fleece or even the answers to the enigma of life.  The artist hopes the viewer will enter this whimsical game when viewing her art.

                                                                                                       Rose Marcus Tobey


Mixed Media

The art of Rose Tobey is a varied collection of media.  Most noticeable are the found objects which she uses.  The items lend a very personal mark to each piece with personal photos or objects she has collected over the years.  One of the focal points for her art is to be fun almost in a whimsical way.


Photo Montage

Rose is a native Dallasite, and the viewer may see themes of Dallas’ past in these montages.  She also traveled internationally with her husband Dr. Nathan G. Tobey and converted images from these travels into kaleidoscopic otherworldly images.


Handmade and Molded Paper



Artist Statement 4

Very Late Period Works

Tobey suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease, but early in that period, she continued to paint with acrylics.  The Greater Dallas Chapter of Alzheimer’s Association proudly displays about twenty of these very late career works.

Fortunately, Tobey’s creative expression through her art become the memories that live on.

Rose Marcus Tobey Altar to the American Worker Sculptural Assemblage 1990-1995

Rose Marcus Tobey
Altar to the American Worker
Sculptural Assemblage




To learn more about Tobey’s earlier painting career, please click here.

Signature white 2








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