Rose Tobey Mid-Career

Tobey’s mid-career work centered on non-objective painting in acrylic.  She also produced a series of figural paintings using expressive coloration.  As she continued to experiment, Tobey broke her works into parts, playing with form.  Then she pushed the impulse to experiment with form into mixed media works that increased in scale and dimension.  To learn more about these later works, please visit this page.


Abstract Acrylic Paintings, 1980s


Figural Paintings using Acrylic, 1980s


Abstract Acrylic Paintings, early 1990s


Landscapes and Cityscapes



My life has been landscaped with people and events long gone, but memories of different decades are still vividly pictured in my mind’s eye.  The Jewish people say that the spirit lives on after death as long as there is someone left to remember.  But, what has died is a whole way of life.  This world has become a different place, filled by commercial products of genius minds.  This has brought many creature comforts but has pushed artistic and philosophical creativity into a compartment cut off from the work-a-day world.  What a shame!  The wonderment of childhood has been corrupted by advertisers wishing to sell their products.  Where is the child who takes rocks and builds a creation all his own?  I hope he is still around.

This is why I collect other people’s throw-aways and try to instill new life in them.  They connect with my memories and come out in a new form.  I call them altars.  They are both crude and funny, but can be serious as well.

Every age group wants to enjoy life, and fantasizes about the years to come.  New experiences become the thing; they are the special gift of life affirmed.  Let this be a special message given to the world by visual artists of every kind.

                                                                          Rose Marcus Tobey

Rose Marcus Tobey Sculptural Installation 1990-1995

Rose Marcus Tobey
Sculptural Installation




To learn more about these sculptural assemblages, please visit the Rose Marcus Tobey Late Career Page.Signature white 2

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  1. Rose’s compositions are jewel like memories of her soul, misty memories that haunt one long after the viewing is over. Her special gift of melting colors she attributed to her father. His connection to her lives on throughout her work and is handed down as her heritage to her family. I love you Rose. May your spirit live on forever.

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