Subway Therapy and Therapy Beyond the Subway


After reading about Subway Therapy, past election, I was really glad to participate. I thought the 6th Ave L train station was the site, but when I got to Union Square Station, the big crowd was the clue. Maybe there’s more wall space here, or the project has expanded.


Communications have grown, yet the messages have stayed simple, as is the process.


Take a post it note from the floor. Write on it, and stick it on the wall. I was glad to make a contribution: “resilience over fear.”

Read. Contemplate. Contribute. Connect. Whatever your transit schedule will allow.


It is good. We are not alone.


I reflected on a statement in a novel I just finished, which has nothing and everything to do with the election outcome: We’re all different, and we’re all the same.


I thought about what makes us the same. What is it we all want? To be heard with dignity and respect. I certainly have been dismissive this election season. Many, many people feel neglected and threatened now. That’s my takeaway, rededicating myself to people who are now more vulnerable than ever, including myself.

So what’s the answer?


Well clearly, one is to turn from the serious to the silly. Look at these ice cream cones.

Big Gay Ice Cream. What would our president-elect make of this?

How do I decide?! Ruben was my guide.

How do I decide?! Ruben was my guide.


My cone was lined with peanut butter, along with the Salty Pimp. Oh my!

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  1. Lucky you to have participated. Loved your note. Didn’t envy you your cone since I don’t like chocolate, but I think your coat was purple? Yea purple.

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