Elizabeth Okie Paxton

As you may know, I’ve been devoting my research energies to an artist named Elizabeth Okie Paxton.  So little is known about her, and only 4 works are in public collections.  I have been focusing on a messy, feminine, sensual painting called The Breakfast Tray, made about 1910.

For those of you who can, there’s a great opportunity to see the painting coming up.  Normally in a private collection, it’s emerging into the Art Institute of Chicago in “Art and Appetite,” an exhibit running from November 12, 2013 – January 27, 2014.

Another work you can see:
William J. McCloskey. Wrapped Oranges, 1889.

If you are able to go, let me know how The Breakfast Tray looks in a grand museum!


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  1. Thanks, Rena, for letting us know about this. I just received the mailer from the Art Institute about this exhibit. Will you be coming?

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